How to use jQuery in the Acabado theme

In its basic setup Acabado comes without jQuery. But some plugins might not work properly without jQuery. So in that case you need to switch it on.

Why does a basic installation of Acabado come without jQuery?

The driving idea behind Acabado is speed. Its motto is “stupid fast”. The guys from incomeschool.comOpens in a new tab. have left out everything that

  • slows down your site while it is
  • not absolutely neccessary.

So in its basic setup, Acabado comes without jQuery.

However some WordPress setups, some plugins that you might want to use, definitely need jQuery. So what can you do?

jQuery already comes with your WordPress installation. So there is no need to install jQuery. It is already there, waiting to be activated.

This is how to do it:

Direct settings within Acabado

Since Acabado 1.2.2 the theme has direct support for jQuery.

Go to your WordPress-Dashboard in, click on “Acabado settings” and click on “Enable jquery” in the general settings group. (see image) This one click should solve your jQuery problems.

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